Down Puffy Holes, Tears, Stitching, DWR and Repair

We do not repair damaged blankets but we have a few recommendations for you.  

Hole or Tear: How you fix this depends on the size of the hole.  

  • If it's dime sized or smaller, we recommend Seam Grip as your best, most inexpensive option.  
  • If it's larger, we recommend Tenacious Tape.  This stuff is the best! 
  • Note: We don't recommend sewing this fabric unless you are a master with this type of fabric!  

Losing Water Resistance:

  • We recommend washing your blanket with Granger's Down Wash.  You can purchase here!  

If there is a manufacturing issue that falls within the warranty, reach out to us via so we can exchange it for you! 

A note about wear and tear: We know you love your Rumpl, but regardless of how carefully you use and handle your blanket it may eventually begin to experience natural breakdown of materials and show wear. Fabric wearing thin, showing abrasions, stains, discoloration, rips or tears, loss of DWR (Durable Water Resistance) and laminates losing their ability to keep out moisture can be considered wear and tear.

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