The Down Puffy Wash and Care Instructions


Rumpl blankets are designed to shed dirt and odor, however, periodic washing is still needed for optimal performance.  Use a performance wash to gently clean and maintain the water-resistant treatment. We recommend Granger’s to all Rumpl owners (Sport-Wash™ or Nikwax Tech Wash™ work as well)! Only wash your Rumpl in a front load washing machine and DO NOT dry clean.



Air/line drying is encouraged, but you can use a standard drying machine with the heat turned off. Warning: too much heat can melt the fabric and insulation.

Note: If you are using Granger's products that require heat activation, low heat is acceptable and should not damage the blanket. 

Pro Tip: When drying the down, throw two dryer balls in there.  The dryer balls will knock the blanket around while it's being dried and puff it up so it feels like new! If you don't have dryer balls on hand, tennis balls can work as a substitute!

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