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Blanket Fort Rewards


What is Blanket Fort Rewards?

As a member of the Blanket Fort rewards, you earn reward points every time you shop, leave reviews, refer friends, and have a birthday. To kick it off, you’ll earn 50 points just for signing up. The break down of how points are earned are:. Still hav

How to set up a Blanket Fort Rewards account

To redeem the discounts, we need you to sign up for our Free Blanket Fort Rewards program! It's a different sign up than the account you may have already, but no worries they're both connected and you should have been earning points on all of your pr

How to redeem Blanket Fort Rewards points

If you have points in your account you may wonder how you can use these points. Redeeming your hard earned points is easy! Simply apply your points balance at checkout using the following steps. To use your points:. You can also see step by step inst

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