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Puffy PonchoUpdated 2 years ago

To wash your Puffy Poncho use a performance wash to gently clean and maintain the water-resistant treatment. We recommend Grangers Performance Wash to all Rumpl owners but Sport-Wash™ or Nikwax Tech Wash™ work as well! After you wash your product you should properly dry the product to help maintain the insulation properties, because this blanket is loose insulation our first recommendation is to use a standard drying machine with the heat turned low (throw in dryer balls or tennis balls to agitate the Poncho back to it's lofty self). Air/line drying is another option but if you do this you want to make sure the insulation doesn't dry in clumps. Too much heat can melt the fabric and insulation. Make sure your Poncho is as DRY as the Sahara before you take it out of the dryer of off the line. This may take a few hours. But it is worth it. Even a little moisture can cause mildew to grow in your Poncho.

Do not dry clean your Puffy Poncho wash it at home or at a laundromat. If your machine has an agitator in it - WE DO NOT RECOMMEND USING IT. Top loading washers with agitators may shred your item, and that is why we don’t recommend using one for your Rumpl. 

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