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Are Rumpl products vegan/natural/chemical free?

Vegan Friendly Products

The only Rumpl product lines that are not vegan friendly are the Down Puffy Blanket, FeatherLite™ Puffy Blanket and the Merino Softwool™. Otherwise all other products that we make are completely vegan and use no animal products. Still have questions?

Down Puffy Information

If you want to learn more about the fair and humane down we use in the Down Puffy and the FeatherLite™ Puffy and where we source it from click the link below to read all about it:. The Down Puffy - Treated Grey Duck Down Information. Still have quest


Most of our products are treated with an anti-microbial coating the one we use is made of silver. While our DWR is a "chemical" it is currently the standard used across most outdoor gear companies on their outerwear. For more information on DWR, chec