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Does Rumpl offer repairs?Updated 2 years ago

We do not currently offer repairs but we have a few DIY recommendations for you. 

If your product has a hole or tear, how you fix this depends on the size of the hole.

  • If you find a hole that is 2 inches or smaller, we recommend a noso patch as your best, most inexpensive option.
  • If you find a hole larger, we recommend Tenacious Tape.  This stuff is the best! (pro-tip: round the corners so the patch can't be peeled up easily)

Note: We don't recommend sewing this fabric unless you are a master with this type of fabric!

If you think your product is losing water resistance. We recommend washing your blanket with Grangers Performance or Down Wash.  You can purchase one of those here! If there is a manufacturing issue that falls within the warranty/defect, reach out to us via [email protected] so we can exchange it for you if it falls under our warranty policy!

Don't feel like DIY'ing it? Click HERE to start the warranty claim/return process

Still have questions? Email us at [email protected] or click on the chat bubble in the bottom right side of the page - Our customer support hours are 8 AM - 4 PM PST from Monday to Friday and we typically respond within 2 hours.

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